It’s a treasured time in the automotive era, exotic cars that one dreamed about earlier in life are now within grasp and BEFORE they become classics and fetch a hefty price.  

Estimated Timeframe: The lifecycle for finding your dream Ferrari will take up to 2 years, so plan accordingly.  Read up below to find car hacks by car gurus and be burning rubber in 2.9s flat!

Before you start: Seek out a Ferrari forum to get yourself acquainted with any recalls and known issues to prevent losing your shirt 

You may ask yourself how?? As dealer pricing is typically bloated and auctions these days are filled with buyers who have seemingly enormous wealth.  Don’t fret there is a way to make this happen and as cracks begin to form in the global economy, it’s time to begin your research phase.  

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Car Gurus Everywhere Know to Find a Weak Selling Market

This may or may not be easy for you but it begins by keeping up with current events!  The media can drown us with information but if properly processed and segmented it can be useful for investing in Ferrari models. Keep an eye on your favorite news websites and the stock markets in those areas.  Next, watch for unemployment numbers, job reports, federal bank interest rate changes and so forth.  Once you identify an area that has experienced a recent downturn you will target this area. 

Western Canada has recently experienced a major downturn with job losses and bankruptcies heading through the roof.  There are many sports cars, motorcycles, exotic vehicles and other toys for sale at discount prices.  Combined with winter hitting there and YES you may find Ferrari models for a huge discount.  I recommend you use local buy and sell websites to see the deals, try a Google search for “online marketplace alberta canada” to track down a good source for your next dream car. 

eBay is a Fantastic way to Avoid Scams

Buyers and sellers everywhere know how rock solid eBay’s transaction protection systems are.  eBay has long been know as a way to find difficult to source vehicles.  Be prepared to travel but that deal might just be yours today and with ever growing popularity, you may be able to find that dusty ol’ exotic hidden away and hop a plane to drive it home. 

Find a Ferrari Driving School if you Strike out or Score!

Either way you can learn to drive like a professional from some of the most regarded driving instructors on the planet will help you to find the facility nearest to you.  To save some money look for a deal on groupon or other offers in the winter season to bolster support once the weather changes.

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