Behold Tesla truck or the cyber truck as they call it.  Set to widely muscle the competition in a variety of categories.  Is this a marketing stunt or will it ever be brought to life?

tesla truck

Tesla has captured headlines once again with the cybertruck, a futuristic almost militarized looking beast. It will out-power, out-tow and flat out beat any other competing truck off the line. 

How many motors will the Tesla truck have?

It looks like three different cybertrucks will be available for sale.  A single version kid sister at $39K, a dual motor but certainly not incapable version at $49K and a three motor pavement ripping demon at $69K USD.


Will the Cybertruck Overpromise and Underdeliver?

Prototype unveils have been notoriously chastized over the years from all automobile manufacturers.  Few have been marred in such controversy as glass-gate at the cybertruck unveil, when an executive attempted to demonstrate the durability of the new tesla truck glass yet, it broke and may very well have shattered their dreams of a flawless presentation.  

Aside from this Tesla has proven results from other model lines.  Their model 3 has become hugely popular and as supercharging infrastructure continues to pop up in major and minor cities everywhere their popularity grows.  If they can appeal to truck owners and mainly large corporations with fleet spending accounts, it may not even matter if your neighbour doesn’t like the cybertruck.  

Auto Blog Online's Take on the Future of Tesla Truck

We believe that Tesla haas a greater goal in this endeavour.  That’s to publicize the cybertruck and capture the small segment of owners who just can’t live without one. However, the big fish will be public companies, government and military picking up on the cybertruck and due to the stealthy design we believe this has already happened.

In Hummer like fashion (it even resembles a Humvee) we believe the cybertruck will begin to phase out combustion engine light armoured trucks for military but of course the exact model cannot be shown to the public at this time.  What a way to garner support for the cybertruck only to allow public organizations and military to own it, it definitely echoes what the Humvee did in the 90’s…remember when Arnold was driving around in one of those and everybody wanted one?

The general public may have to wait 10 years but imagine that feeling just like seeing your first Humvee up close and then getting to ride in the H2 limo in Vegas to top it all off.  The cybertruck limo is coming….

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