Production of the high end Model Y is expected to begin in late 2020 with deliveries starting soon after  

The standard or base model will begin production in early 2021

Now open for orders, buyers will certainly be prepared to put their chips down on Tesla’s budget savvy model Y.  It will be a crossover breed of vehicle touting a low center of gravity and multitudes of safety features including frontal crash protection under the hood to replace the protection a front mounted engine provides. With room for up to seven, families and electro-heads alike will be lining up lining up for their chance to get a Tesla within their budget constraints. 

how much will tesla model y cost?

How much is the Tesla Model Y?

Surprisingly, the pricing is similar to the Model 3…MUCH lower than previous models and with a variety of options that fanatics can pile on to achieve acceleration from 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds. This performance model with AWD and dual motors will set you back $56,700. The long range dual motor AWD version with acceleration from 0-60 mph in 4.8 seconds will be $47,700 and finally, the long range standard RWD base model will be economically priced at  $43,700.  All pricing mentioned does not account for any government incentives or gas cost savings.

Will the Model Y have falcon doors?

As far as Auto Blog Online can see, the Tesla Model Y will not have falcon or gullwing style doors like the Model X.  Falcon doors will not be available as an option to keep manufacturing costs down.  However, aftermarket parts suppliers are already eyeing kits for those who wish to add this feature to their Model Y.  The one relative similarity will be with the Model 3 featuring a very similar interior to the Model Y, in fact we cannot tell the difference.  The steering wheel, display and gauges all carry identical characteristics to the Model 3. 


Model Y interior
The Model Y will feature a nearly identical interior to the Model 3

How long is a Tesla Model Y?

Let speculation run wild for this question, the Model Y, with a seven passenger seating capacity must be long enough to provide leg room for the third row seating. Rear facing rear row seating like the Model S could be a possibility to provide more leg room for passengers.  With the Model 3 overall length at 184.8” (4694mm) with a wheelbase of 113.2” (2875mm) and our hard lined stance on the Model Y sharing the same chassis as the Model 3, we believe the wheelbase will be the same.  For overall length of the Model Y, we expect it to come in at very close to 196” (4978mm) to accommodate the third row seating.  How much is a 7 seater Tesla?  The good news is now it can be yours for $43,700.

Where will Model Y be built?

This question is more dependent on the location you wish to purchase your Tesla from?  It seems that aside from parts shortages where battery components for instance may be sourced from a Gigafactory outside of your country of purchase, the Tesla you wish to buy will be built in either the United States or China.  With ongoing trade doldrums though, this may put Tesla in a difficult position to continue manufacturing in China so we will have wait until this all plays out.

Auto Blog Online’s take on the Model Y

Tesla wishes to keep expanding their grip on the first world’s electric vehicle mania with the Model Y.  With tantalizing pricing and potential incentives from various government coffers, it seems they will continue to rise in popularity. While there are some similarities to the Model X, the Model Y is completely in a class of its own, with pricing and options to strongly put the brakes on anyone who thinks differently.  Pay per use supercharging is definitely a consideration for buyers who may rely on this charging infrastructure to power their ride so time will tell if this becomes detrimental to Tesla’s business model.   

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