Everyday supercar may be a stretch

As deliveries of the 2020 Corvette get closer and closer, the details are becoming clear.  It’s definitely going after Ferrari with a body, styling and mid-engine to match but will this car come close to Italian engineering?  It will turn a lot of heads but will the first model year of this beast leave buyers wanting more or be chocked full of recalls and engine block swaps as GM works to correct errors as they tread mostly unknown waters?

GM Inside News

How much will the 2020 Corvette cost?

Starting at $59,995 for the coupe and $67,495 for the convertible, the price is definitely enticing.  There are three trim packages that increase the price up to $71,945 all with a 8 speed dual clutch transmission (where GM touts that it has all the pros of a manual and automatic transmission).  Automatic, paddle shifting transmissions are becoming the norm in supercars everywhere so we’ll wait to see if this transmission paired with a mid-engine will delight or disappoint.   

Is the 2020 Corvette sold out?

As far as we can see, pre-orders are open but this is a little deceiving.  When selecting a dealer to work with in searching by city, state we cannot find a major city that’s supercar friendly who has a dealer to work with for a pre-order.  This just in, GM inside news…the 2020 Corvette may in fact be sold out for the time being.  It’s expected to be a wildly popular release with deliveries being pushed back further and further.  It appears that deliveries are moving into June and July now so we suggest you have a dealer liaison working on sourcing one immediately if you wish to be driving one in the summer.


Corvette headlight animated style
The soon to be iconic 2020 Corevette headlight

When can you purchase a 2020 Corvette?

With pre-orders now open, one could likely put down a $500-1000 deposit to secure theirs.  The purchase date where the title is transferred to your name may not be until summer hits. GM is promising availability in early 2020 so expect to see one in your nearest dealer’s showroom soon, actually getting your hands on one may be a totally different story.  If you wish to own a 2020 Corvette, don’t delay and contact your dealer now, avoid using the GM pre-order webpage unless you have a dealer you are working with already.

How fast can a Corvette go?

The 6.2L 495 Horsepower V8 is certainly a beast and combined with the 8 speed dual clutch transmission it’s sure to get hearts pumping.  One improvement we immediately noticed is a more rigid frame to help tack down the rear end when unleashing all of this power.  With a 2.9 second 0-60 mph time (with performance exhaust or the Z51 performance package) it is sure to stay well ahead of domestic competition.

Auto Blog Online’s take on the 2020 Corvette

If you are dreaming of 2.9 second 0-60 acceleration with the base model, it may take some time to get the performance exhaust required for a reasonable price.  Our bet is a 4 second 0-60 time with the stock setup in the base model.  We see GM having some growing pains into a mid engine layout however, this is new territory for them and cooling or oil consumption issues could rear their ugly head shortly after delivery.  Not to mention issues with destroyed motor mounts from all of the torsion in this new design of frame.  Auto Blog Online hopes that all of the bugs can be worked out for an electric version by 2022!

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