One of the most sought after Japanese sports cars of the nineties makes its comeback

Purchasing a 2JZ Supra with a 3.0L 24V dual overhead cam engine was nearly a money making venture back in 1994.  These cars depreciated in value so slowly that they were relatively unmatched in terms of a sportscar from this era.  They will have collectors and teens drooling with the release of the new Toyota Supra 2020 version.

toyota supra 2020

How much will the 2020 Toyota Supra cost?

There will be three models of the updated version, the 3.0 starting at $49,990 followed by the 3.0 premium coming in at $53,990. For the base model there are 3 different packages available for driver assistance and two tech/audio packages that will boost the price rapidly.  For the 3.0 premium just the driver assistance package is available and better value may come with selecting this model.  The launch edition is priced at $55,250 again with available driver assistance package and comes loaded otherwise.


Is the 2020 Supra worth it?

There is similar value in the Corvette and BMW M2 and the latter will not outperform the Supra (funny though because perhaps that M2 engine is being repurposed for the Supra).  The Brembo brakes with all Supra models are a welcomed stock option.  We do see the value drop though with all the packages but maxing out with the launch edition complete with the driver assistance package will be the best for resale and also long-term investment. 

Rundown of the models available courtesy of Toyota

How fast is the 2020 Toyota Supra? Is it a twin turbo?

With a 3.0L 24V DOHC twin scroll turbo it certainly brings a lot to the table.  All available models list 0-60mph performance at 4.1s and with an 8 speed automatic transmission it’s sure to jump of the line with or without launch control.  It’s fast, not supercar fast but combined with Toyota reliability it may be a better car for daily drivers.

When can I buy a 2020 Toyota Supra?

As of January 2020, Toyota’s Supra webpages are fully up and running, taking orders and matching up dealers to give quotes.  Orders and inventory appear to be snapped up for deliveries in the next 2-3 months.  There are a few demo models kicking around that you could test drive if you are wanting to buy. Delivery dates are looking like April at the latest before one can be yours. 

Is Toyota Supra a BMW?

Toyota teamed with BMW for this vehicle, in some senses, they made a deal with BMW to use their straight-six engine.  There was no other input from BMW other than related to the powertrain.  The rest of the car is Toyota designed, engineered and manufactured. 

Auto Blog Online’s take on the 2020 Supra

With a Toyota car and BMW engine we can already imagine the finger pointing that is going to surface if mechanical problems arise for owners.  The BMW engine has been known to have turbo issues and owners should pay close attention to this.  Toyota’s way around it is a 2 year free service option to keep the cars coming back to the shop often.  Buying one of these from the first model year after the 5 year warranty comes off could be a risky proposition. We are however hoping for some headroom in this chariot, it does look like it will accommodate most dome pieces. Thanks Toyota!

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