This VW is not only for Hipsters, Yuppies or Hippies


Rejoice EV fanatics and followers alike, the VW bus is back in 2022!  It does not appear to carbon copy previous bus models and looks more like a transport van with rotating captain’s chairs for rear passengers.  It will be highly customizable with a solid frame to build off leaving us very curious to see what future model years will feature.

Is the VW bus coming back?

vw bus

What is a VW Microbus?

By just the name, this EV could easily be mistaken with Volkswagen’s Type 2.  VW’s Type 2 was the second model they introduced following the Beetle. The VW EV Microbus, named ID. Buzz, is an electric powered vehicle, with expanded cargo capacity and passenger transport ability.  The ID. Buzz will be the next generation of the Microbus.

How much will the 2022 VW Microbus cost?

With no pricing ranges released and competing review websites listing pricing in the vicinity of $40,000, we believe the pricing will be much higher for a base model.  When compared to the e-golf with pricing from $31,895, a much more reliable price for the EV bus would be $50,000.  Keep in mind that the e-golf comes with a 134 hp motor and the Microbus will come with a much larger 369 hp motor which stretches price estimates greatly.

vw bus interior
Interior looking like a wide departure from past versions...what's under the floor???

How many seats are in a Volkswagen bus?

Seven and it appears that VW will not veer off this path for the ID. Buzz as well.  There are two seats upfront along two with rotating captain style chairs behind, in the rear you will find a three-seater bench seat.

What options will the VW Bus have?

Most notably, autonomous driving appears to compliment the chilled-out van life for potential owners.  We can see a laminate floor in the released concept photos with various tracks that could accommodate a variety of seats or other furnishings.  We can almost bet that various aftermarket parts manufactures are foaming at the mouth to release all kinds of furnishings and gadgets.

Will the VW Bus have a kitchen?

Upon first release the ID. Buzz version of the Microbus will not have a kitchen or movable roof.  It will be a passenger transportation only vehicle but a nice display mounted to a console in the rear passenger area indicates controls for anyone in the back seat. 

Auto Blog Online’s Take on the EV Microbus

VW is trudging into new waters, there will be some lessons to learn and perhaps old wounds by a devoted customer base are still healing.  Will the 2022 Microbus be enough for Type 2 and Westfalia owners to upgrade?  We believe so to make the statement that it will be much more than a gimmick that hotels and dealerships use to ferry around customers while their advertising is plastered all over it.  It may take years for popularity to wind up but we all know that VW has created timeless vehicles over the year.  This one will be no exception.


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