Nissan promises another futuristic rendition of a mid-range coupe 

Nissan has had plenty of sales of their post 2002 “Z” models. In fact, the 350Z is what truly set Nissan apart from other economically priced coupe manufacturers.  This era was a legendary time for Nissan who, after many scandals has geared down and lost market share.  

Is there a new Nissan Z coming out?

Yes, the Nissan 400Z is set to drop at the end of 2020 with majority of deliveries in the first and second quarter for 2021.  It will need to be a drastic departure from the 370Z to regain lost customers and stand out from a pool of buyers that are gravitating toward EV’s.

Nissan 400Z

Is Nissan discontinuing the 370Z?

The 370Z will be discontinued, just like previous generations of the Z, with some fantastic deals available on them.  2020 will be the final production year for the 370Z barring that there is not a major shift at the corporate level that strains production.  

What will replace the 370Z?

The 400Z will entirely replace the 370Z, borrowing styling, design and powertrain from the Infiniti lineup of coupes.  The 370Z developed such a cult following at release that it will live on for years to come and with aftermarket part pricing slowly dropping down, a set of high flow cats and cat back exhaust should be easy to snap up.

When will the Nissan 400Z be released?

At the end of 2020 we expect to see dealer showrooms begin to roll in 400Z centerpieces to start gathering consumer attention. With literally no available concept to show their client base Nissan had better give some clues as to what their next coupe will emulate.  A release like the 370Z where is appeared with little warning will not take buyers by storm.  Some indication of the design and styling…perhaps the promise of an EV model may also capture support from those with wandering interest.

What engine will be in the Nissan 400Z?

If Nissan borrows the same 400 Hp twin turbo V6 from the Infiniti lineup, they will cannibalize their position in the luxury market.  Also, the Z lineup has often has normally aspirated engines without turbo charging stock.  How can Nissan extract more power from a normally aspirated V6?  This could determine their fate and we believe that borrowing an engine from a competing automaker is not in the card.  We may be wrong but after the recent negative exposure Nissan has had, they may be hung out to dry on this one.

Auto Blog Online’s Take on the 400Z

Go EV or go home Nissan, to rapidly regain lost ground from a poorly engineered 370Z engine (remember the oil consumption issues) perhaps moving to a lower maintenance electric motor is the answer to stand out from the crowd.  We’re certain these types of plans are in the cards but will always remember the sound of the 350Z & 370Z, the handling and the heads those cars turned. 

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