Jaguar looks to directly compete with Tesla’s Model Y & Ford’s Mach E

What is the Jaguar I Pace?

This is Jaguar’s first, mass produced electrically powered vehicle. A five-seat crossover with a hefty price tag and lofty warranty, including 5 years / 60,000 miles promising the best coverage among luxury brands.  This would include both new vehicle warranty and scheduled maintenance.  With entry to the EV market and experimenting with AWD here as well, a warranty package may save Jag for the time being.

What is the Jaguar I Pace?

Is the Jaguar I pace Electric?

It’s a fully electric vehicle powered by a 394 HP and a neck snapping 512 lb-ft of torque, electric motor which deliver’s 0-100 MPH acceleration in 4.8 seconds.   One full charge is said to give a range of 234 miles using a 90 kWh consisting of high density, lithium-ion pouch cells.  It can use the widely available AC level two charger at public charging points for a slower charge or a level three charger for 80% in just 45 minutes.

Is the Jaguar I pace Electric?

How much will the Jaguar I pace cost?

The base price will be $69,850 and when comparing with the Model X and Audi’s e-tron the pricing looks more than fair for a luxury electric vehicle.  Federal tax credits of up to $7,500 are available to help offset the cost and include the five year warranty.  On the surface this looks like a great opportunity to enter the luxury EV market.

Is Jaguar I pace selling well?

At approximately 2,594 units sold in 2019, sales have been sluggish.  With many direct competitors now entering these figures may drop more.  This will not be enough to end Jaguar’s march into the EV marketplace but could stop them from introducing further models. 

Auto Blog Online’s take on the Jaguar I Pace

Jaguar made it to the party early, they took away their market share of loyal, cult followers and perhaps a few new owners.  Sadly, we don’t think their limited success is sustainable.  Jaguar is known for high priced part and repairs, they drew heaps of negative customer sentiment over the years with unreliability and corporate take overs.  The styling of the I pace is certainly what stands out and the luxury appointments are class leading but we feel majority of buyers are not looking for all the bells and whistles that automakers in past years have provided.  Buyers today want high end standard features that will bolster resale interest and keep them coming back to the same manufacturer for future purchases.  We see Jaguar on the low end of the luxury spectrum and attempts to fool the consumer with a car like the I pace is not going to elevate their stock price.  Consumers today are still feeling burned from the nineties and will look for healing from Tesla, Audi and Ford.  If Jaguar wanted to stand out, an entry level but well-appointed luxury EV release may improve customer sentiment but we don’t see their corporate executives making a gamble like this but rather clinging to their cult following.

jaguar i pace rear view
jaguar rear quarter panel view

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