With the luxury SUV segment ever expanding can the Escalade hold its ground?

Large, luxury SUVs are quickly losing buyers to mid-size crossover EV’s, this is a problem for companies like Cadillac.  So, Cadillac decided earlier this year they would be offering an Escalade EV!!  This bold move will apparently be paired with an offering of the Hummer EV and they will share the same chassis and drivetrain. 

When was the first Escalade made?

Starting in 1998, Cadillac initiated production on the Escalade.  A larger than life luxury SUV meant to compete with the multitude of large SUV’s on the market.  The Escalade was designed to redefine luxury in a SUV and has continued to do that on quite the bull run since it was released. 

What will the 2021 Escalade look like?

The 2021 Escalade promises to be futuristic and luxurious, the floating emblem in the front grill delete definitely adds to the excitement.  Thin headlights and blade style day time running lights that span the entire front bumper also make this behemoth look like a spaceship.

The interior is minimalist with a wide 38” touchscreen display for controls and digitally displayed vehicle information with a variety of layouts depending on taste complete with a heads up display and extensive driver safety notifications, the Escalade with redefine once again.

2021 escalade exterior

How much is the 2021 Escalade?

Depending on your location it will vary, along with the options you choose.  The 2021 Escalade will have both combustion engine and electric motor options so the price estimates will vary greatly between $80,000 to well over $100,000.  Some speculate that the fully loaded EV version could reach $125,000 but promise to deliver power (+500hp) and capacity (400 mi between charges) at this price tag. 

What does Escalade ESV stand for?

This stands for the larger than life extended stretch vehicle which adds plenty of extra room for passengers and cargo with an increased payload.  A variety of models for 2021 will be available and the platinum offerings are on the higher end.  We do not anticipate release of an ESV version for 2021.

When can I order a 2021 Escalade?

Orders are not open at this time but updates are available through Cadillac. https://www.cadillac.com/future-vehicles/escalade-suv

With the virus outbreak we would expect delays on delivery but they may not be impacted if the delivery is well into the fall of 2020.  Any hopes of a July delivery may have already been dashed by lockdowns, nationwide. 

Auto Blog Online’s Take on the 2021 Escalade

The photos and renderings available online truly are breathtaking and prove that Cadillac will continue to be iconic and the quintessential SUV for golf pro’s and rappers alike.  With the rapid reduction in fuel prices, this may also support sales for combustion engine models while the electric version is rolled out.  We expect that both models will be popular amongst the elite and the Escalade will be mounting a takeover by Christmas of 2020. 

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