As of April 7, 2020 public sporting events cancelled/suspended in Montreal until July

We hope that the first race of the F1 season will be the Canadian leg, taking place for years in Montreal.  With the postponement of many major races of all varieties throughout the coronavirus pandemic, racing won’t begin until warmer weather hits and the pandemic is under control.  At the time of writing, both the Australian GP and Monaco GP are both cancelled for the year with Bahrain, Vietnam, China, Netherlands, Spain and Azerbaijan all marked as postponed until further notice.  Canada’s crown jewel of racing, is still a go but this may be updated again as time goes on.  Please see for the latest updates.

Where is the Canadian Grand Prix?

Also known as the Montreal Grand Prix, it takes place this year in Montreal, Quebec but you may be wondering where is the F1 in Montreal? It has taken place at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve for a number of years.  After opening in 1999, this location took over from past locations like the Canadian Tire Motorsports Park.  The location is second to none, taking place on an island which is accessible from downtown Montreal.  It is adjacent to the popular La Ronde amusement park. 

is the f1 grand prix cancelled?

What are the dates of Montreal Grand Prix?

This year the dates may change but as of writing the dates appear to be set for the 12th-14th of June.  As the weather is just starting to warm up for this time of year, it is expected that there will be large crowds coming out of social distancing and self-isolation.  Do not fear as the temperatures will be warming greatly by then and it will likely be quite humid (this is known to slow the spread of coronavirus).

How much are F1 tickets in Montreal?

Tickets for Friday practice races start at €38.96 and go up all the way to €120.96 for a three day pass. With many more add on and VIP levels available.  We do recommend that you purchase your tickets right from the Formula 1 website here: as in the event of a cancellation or postponement securing a refund or reissue of the original ticket will be much easier to secure.  Tickets are also available through if you wish to pay in Canadian dollars and we do believe they will offer the same guarantee on tickets.

How long is Montreal’s F1 Race?

It’s a three day event with practice slated to begin on Friday June 12, 2020, qualifying on Saturday June 13, 2020 and the final championship race on Sunday June 14, 2020.  The racetrack itself is 4.361km (2.710mi) and the Canadian Grand Prix takes place over 70 laps on championship Sunday.  The time slotted for the race on Sunday is 11:10 – 13:10 which gives the drivers two hours to finish. Last year the winner (L. Hamilton, GBR) finished in just 1:29:07 which is nearly thirty minutes shy of the time permitted to finish the course.  Amazing. 

where is the canadian grand prix

Auto Blog Online’s take on the Montreal Grand Prix

With 75 days to go at the time of writing this article, we feel there will be enough time for those impacted by the virus to heal up and the race will go on as planned.  It may be advised to hold off buying your tickets until the middle of May as there are no deadlines for prices to be increasing, in any event hold Formula one to a refund, credit or postponement date if you have purchased tickets and the event is moved to July or later.  This could also be accomplished through your credit card provider if no other options are left available for refund.

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