Audi continues it’s delve further into the EV market, betting it all on their EV lineup most notably the Q4 e-tron

Like many automakers today Audi has released their version of the highly desired compact crossover EV.  The Q4’s design from the wheels to the nearly commonplace body style for next generation of EVs really leaves no room for anything but electric motors and high capacity batteries.  To be clear, the Q4 is a different and more compact vehicle than their previously released e-tron crossover.  Audi’s commitment to electric vehicles is applauded by countries wanting to meet emission reduction targets but could their gamble lead to slumping sales?

Is there an Audi q4?

Yes, the Audi Q4 is a compact, crossover SUV.  Not to be mistaken with the A4, which is a sports luxury sedan, it will not come with a combustion engine and will be the little sister of the larger e-tron.  This will reinforce be Audi’s big move from emissions generating vehicles and hopefully for their stock price, for good.  With “twin” motors, it’s almost guaranteed that Quattro AWD will come standard and the base model will be able to achieve 0-60mph in just over six seconds. 

is there an audi q4 e tron?

How much is the Audi q4?

Audi has always been known as the lower priced luxury sports sedan, to retain this role they will need to price the Q4 competitively without a lot of additional packages to balloon the price.  EV buyers today want base models with reasonable range and a host of features that not long ago were considered high cost options.  Coming in below $50,000 for the Q4 is a great decision to compete with Tesla and Ford and would galvanize their position as a luxury product with pricing below Mercedes and BMW.  Some auto news outlets are speculating that pricing could go as high as $70,000 for the fully-loaded model but details are yet to be released on this and it may disappoint Audi to know that market share will be lost in this price point. 

What is the range of Audi e tron?

Sadly, the e tron did not meet the expectations of buyers and many of them have sat on dealer lots or in showrooms collecting dust.  At 208 miles on battery only mode between charges, the range was definitely competitive but many were hoping that German engineering could offer a lot more.  This is where the Q4 e-tron comes in and with 280 miles estimated between charges on battery only, buyers will be much more inclined to consider a purchase.

Is the Audi e tron selling?

The e-tron is not selling well with only 5,349 sales in the USA in 2019 and guaranteed slumping sales before the pandemic, things are not looking bright until 2021.  In early 2021, the Q4 e-tron will be released and this could ignite sales for Audi.  The design of the Q4 e-tron will spur buyers to purchase with increased range and unique styling over other crossovers in Audi’s lineup.  Much remains to be seen with economic factors at play but the late 2020 release date could coincide with a vaccine or even better a roaring boom that fires up just as this EV rolls out. 

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