Porsche revolutionizes the sports EV segment with the Taycan

does porsche have an electric car?

The Porsche Taycan is ground breaking in many ways.  From the high powered drive motor to a unique dual-gear transmission, German engineering has helped this EV move to the top of fantasies and wish lists.  It all started off as a concept car five years ago which has evolved into a two or four door Tesla nuking beast.  Few other EV’s stand a chance against the Taycan but does the price tag warrant such title?

Does Porsche have an electric car?

The Porsche e-performance lineup has rolled out and further expansion is expected into the sedan segment.  Currently the only all electric offering is the Taycan though they do offer hybrid options at this time as well.  Cayenne and Panamera all electric models are expected to be released before 2025.  Porsche will need to remain as competitive as possible over the next five year and perhaps a re-release of their most popular model could be a boon to post-pandemic sales.

is the porsche taycan electric?

Is the Porsche Taycan fully electric?

Unlike other Porsche models like the Cayenne and Panamera which are offered as hybrids specifically, the Taycan is a fully electric vehicle. Offering 390 kW – 560kW (with overboost for the Turbo S model) power and 800 volt battery the Taycan rips to sixty in just 2.6-4.0 seconds, depending on the model.  Furthermore, aerodynamics engineering reduces drag resistance with a spoiler that extends to different levels in accordance with vehicle speed. 

How much will the Porsche Taycan cost?

Coming in at $103,800 (for the four door 4S model) it would many Cayman owners cringe but it the price only increases with higher level models.  For instance, the Turbo S model with four doors is priced at $150,900 with that comes some high tech options and German engineering that would be difficult to beat.

How fast is the new electric Porsche?

The Taycan 4S base model is fast, with acceleration from a stand still to 60 mph in just four seconds.  If this isn’t enough to jar you back in your seat (and snap the necks of your passengers), perhaps the Turbo S, four door model would be better averse for purchase.  It has supercar acceleration at 2.6 seconds for zero to sixty acceleration.

Auto Blog Online’s take on the Porsche Taycan

This is a dream car that will adorn wallpapers or mobile devices and computers for the twenties. Porsche does face stiff competition in the EV segment but they have definitely answered the call to get into the melee.  With other electrics planned we only wonder if other vehicles will roll out in accordance with original timelines, in the post-pandemic era?  Porsche may refocus on their combustion engine models as gasoline prices bottom out and demand dwindles.  Still, we are certain the Porsche will be around for years to come due to a devoted fan base and hopefuls stacking their chips to eventually buy.  Our only wish is that there was just a little more headroom.

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