BMW retrofits the X3 with an electric motor but will this help or harm their product line?

bmw ix3 exterior

In a rare move by an automaker these days, BMW has added an electric motor option to an existing vehicle in their lineup.  Most EV’s nowadays are being released as first model year rather than a retrofitting an offering that has been around for years.  This could be the perfect way to drum up interest in their product and keep costs down.  All while the unpredictability of the switch from gasoline to electric remains in limbo due to low oil prices. 

Does BMW have an electric SUV?

Currently, BMW has only offered electric or hybrid cars and hybrid SUV’s.  With an expected release in late 2020, the iX3 will be their first all electric SUV.  The BMW iX3 is breaking new ground in many senses for BMW but their long history with EV’s all the way back to the i8 concept, years ago has them poised to release a rock solid product.  This in combination with an EV released on an existing model even heightens the reliability and thus, consumer confidence.

Is there a hybrid BMW x3?

Yes, BMW’s x3 lineup featured a plugin hybrid version for 2020.  It offers both the benefits of combustion engine technology paired with an electric motor.  The all electric mode offers 32 miles of range on battery only which isn’t a bad offering for cruising around town.  BMW is fairly notorious for their limited all electric range for PHEV, further testing may be warranted to target the exact range.   

How much will the BMW iX3 cost?

BMW has not specifically released pricing at writing of this article but we would expect that a fully appointed model would fetch approximately $70K.  With pricing in this range they are definitely targeting the luxury market to leave other automakers dealing with a potential buying frenzy at lower price points.  BMW will have to separate themselves as having superior range and options to capture EV buyer attention.

When is the iX3 released?

While estimations of release date fall anywhere from 2021 to 2023 by other automotive reporting outlets.  We expect that BMW’s release of their plug-in hybrid X3 was meant to satisfy buyer interest while a longer roll out of the full electric model takes place. Late 2020 is likely too soon for the iX3 to be released even before the pandemic shocked the world.  BMW may elect for a limited release in early 2021 to test the market before putting the iX3 into full production sometime in 2022, hopefully the world is beginning to heal by then.

What is BMW iNEXT?

More specifically know as BMW Vision iNEXT is a concept vehicle.  It’s no surprise that it would be a crossover type EV with iconic, futuristic styling that almost takes a page out or Land Rover’s book.   Coupled with multiple, large driver information and media screens, it appears that BMW is looking to set the bar higher for in car tech and driver experience. There is no more information available on release date or other specifications but the renderings are beautiful.

bmw inext vision
BMW's iNEXT Vision Concept

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