This August Formula 1 race will go ahead but without spectators

is the belgian grand prix cancelled?

Is Belgium Grand Prix Cancelled?

After multiple cancellations and postponements, the Rolex Belgian Grand Prix scheduled for Aug. 28-30, 2020 will go ahead.  This has been the first encouraging F1 news we have heard in a long time.  Not to mention other professional sporting events that have been at a standstill since the beginning of March.  While ticket sales have yet to be released, you can join the mailing list for ticket updates here:

How many races are in a Formula 1 season?

In the 2019 season, there were 21 races.  Eleven of these races took place outside of Europe.  The first organized world championship race took place in 1950 and the number of races per year has been trending upward since.

how many races are in a formula 1 season?

How many f1 races are there in 2020?

There were to be 22 races in 2020 until the pandemic caused widespread lockdowns, professional spectator sports were seemingly all cancelled instantly within days of each other.  Now, with the first confirmed race in late August, it’s looking like only a quarter of the races originally planned for 2020 will go ahead.  Our previous article on the Montreal Grand Prix was written with much hope but to no avail, it was postponed and no date has been set for it to take place.

Do f1 drivers pee in car?

For a little comic relief in a difficult time where we are craving for racing, we added this in to clear up any rumors.  While it is rare that a driver should need to relieve themselves while racing, it can happen.  Most often, drivers are sweating as the racing is extremely intensive and during warm weather on top of it all.  Drivers generally sweat out the majority of fluid intake and do not need to relieve themselves while racing.  That said, anything can happen and if this is the case, the driver is usually instructed to relieve themselves in the driving suit.

Is the Japanese Grand Prix Cancelled?

After a shaky start in 2019 due to closures resulting from Typhoon Hagabis, the 2020 race is schedules for Oct. 11-13.  Get on the mailing list here for updated and keep your fingers crossed that the lockdown will be fully lifted in Japan by then.  With all the cancellations and postponements, Formula 1 has to be increasingly innovative to keep their fan base engaged. If you have not already (or recently) checked out their website, we encourage you to peruse.  The website is very interactive and will bring good memories of racing while passing along information and updates about future races and plans. 

Officially, there has been an emphasis on the health and safety of spectators and this may push to more advanced video coverage and interaction during the races.  It’s exciting to ponder the future of spectator sports and the potential integration of holographics.  Imagine being literally in the driver’s seat with your favourite driver, all in the comfort of your home.  The potential is endless, so get to dreaming because if anything positive comes out of the pandemic, it’s innovation like this.

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