Tesla executive leaves to make his own EV dream a reality

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If you haven’t heard of Lucid, it’s because they are one of the newest luxury EV automakers in the marketplace.  When Peter Rawlinson decided to leave Tesla and, join Lucid (then named Atieva) most or all of their development was focused years down the road.  The cars were all EV concepts, they were one off customs.  In 2016 when Lucid was officially launched as a company they set their sights on the Air model which is set to be released in 2021.

Who founded Lucid Motors?

Lucid motors was founded by three people: Sheaupyng Lin, Bernard Tse and Sam Weng.  The company initially started out as Atieva motors back in 2007 but then rebranded in 2016.  The company is based in Newark, California.

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Are lucid Motors public?

Yes, they are currently being traded in over the counter markets as they don’t trade on a regulated exchange.  This would essentially equate to this equity being offered as a penny stock.  Buyer be warned that there is usually not much reliable information on over the counter stocks which can lead to rapid fluctuation and devaluation.  With their first concept ready to be released in 2021, this could present an opportunity like buying Tesla stock years earlier.

Who makes the Lucid Air?

The Air is the first all-electric model that Lucid Motors will mass market.  Lucid is going after Tesla’s model S with many similar styling cues and technological advancements.  Lucid may be poised to sell many of their Air model in Asian markets though they are currently manufacturing in the USA as well.     

How much is a lucid air?

Price estimates are currently in the $60,000 range but with a 400 mile range, 2.5 second zero to sixty time and minimum 200 mph top speed, that is a lot of car for the price.  This does not include extras and technology that come in this price point as well.

What happened to the lucid air?

It seems as though the Lucid Air is still around though the pandemic may have slowed production and in turn, delivery dates.  The original deliveries were to begin in early 2021 so it could be that this window now shifts to the summer of 2021.  We would be surprised if Lucid takes aim at the North American market when Asia may be much more lucrative due to pandemic recovery and earlier strain on gasoline supplies.  Lucid has a lot to prove and under increased scrutiny, it will take until mid-2021 to see if their EV’s come with heightening desirability.


We see a lot of impressive marketing from Lucid, could it all be smoke and mirrors though?  Lucid may go through many of the same pitfalls that Tesla has worked through (painfully) and is now poised to be a more reliable automaker.  It is with much trepidation that we can get excited about the Lucid Air for a first model year knowing the struggles so clearly that a new EV manufacturer can run into.  

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Will Lucid add touchless delivery during COVID?

For most automakers and even some auto dealers, the popularity of touchless service and delivery is rising.  See our review of Clutch.ca to show the increasing numbers of auto dealers switching to make the experience safer for everyone. 

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