The quintessential budget vehicle with numerous options and a manual transmission

The coveted 1998-2002 Toyota Corolla has long held the torch as the most economical and reliable small car.  With entry level pricing well under $5000 and even the odd one with under 250,000 Kms, it is a dream car for personal finance aficionados.  The average life span of a Corolla is over around 300,000 miles which equates to nearly half a million kilometers!

Is 2014 Toyota Corolla a good car?

The 2014 Corolla is growing in popularity due to price, availability and lower mileage when compared to older model years.  For only $10,000 a used, low mileage (under 70,000 Km) 2014 Corolla can be had these days though you may have to look to Eastern Canada for this type of deal.  The 2014 model is easier to find these days when compared to the 1998-2002 model and being that these vehicles hold their value so well, expect meager yearly depreciation.    Another notable point is that the 2014 can still be found with hyper low mileage, most of these 2014’s are barely broken in.  Even better, many will come with complete service records to prove they were cared for.

How long will a 2014 Corolla last?

This question is dependent on the previous owner(s) service and maintenance habits but when properly taken care of, it can last generations.  While dealership servicing is not a requirement to maximize lifespan, some documented service records would be helpful to establish proof the car has been taken care of.  One area where Toyota has come under fire is with brake service, Toyota recommends brake service around 40,000 Km intervals which is good practice because there will be squeaking and groaning from the brakes if service has not been completed.  


The 2014 Corolla comes with a timing chain over a timing belt which is much less prone to premature failure.  This is another factor which supports ownership over older generations so keep an eye out for the 2007 Corolla which is the first model year with a timing chain and all subsequent years had the timing chain for even higher reliability.


Older generations of Corolla’s have been plagued with MAF (mass air flow) sensor problems, excessive corrosion around the sunroof, steering column failure and all kinds of rattling/vibration issues when driving.  The 2014 is not out of the clear yet on these types of gremlins but overall, they are less prone to these types of issues just keep your vehicle serviced in accordance with Toyota’s service intervals to prevent unexpected losses.  We recommend using Toyota’s vehicle maintenance schedule to learn service intervals

Are there any recalls on 2014 Toyota Corolla?

Recalls for the 2014 model year Corolla are rare, with just one recent recall for a faulty windshield wiper switch.  This is the type of reliability the Corolla is know for.  To see if your Corolla has had recalls addressed, simply check with your dealer.  There is no cost for this and you are not obligated to agree or pay for any additional service the dealer recommends.  If this is too daunting of a task, you can also use your VIN and put it into another online tool to search for US recalls

What model of Corolla should I buy? The L, LE, LE Eco or S?

This is entirely dependent on the type of buyer you are, if you are looking for any options or just want the bare bones, a to b driver.  The 2014 Corolla L with a manual transmission is the dream car for the frugal.   Though these may be more difficult to source as new vehicle buyers were more inclined to pick higher trim levels, as sought-after options started to come down in price.  Often LE or S models are available for $10,000 or less these days in eastern provinces of Canada.  Remember to have a pre-purchase vehicle inspection completed as vehicles from Ontario and Quebec can have more damage from cold weather and de-icing of roads.  Use our guide of questions to ask when purchasing a used vehicle to protect yourself.  We thank you for taking the time to read this article and all the best with your future vehicle purchases.

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