At first glance we thought the new Corolla Hybrid was a Prius Prime

What are some notable changes in the 2020 Corolla?

Perhaps the biggest change is the introduction of a hybrid model but there were some updates to the styling to all models.  The headlight assembly has been modified and matches the new look that Toyota is aiming for to differentiate their lineup.  This similar look can be seen across multiple models and is certain to grab attention.   We only hope that the reduction in headlight size will produce the same visibility to oncoming traffic and pedestrians that previous model years have been known for. 


The Corolla hybrid model is definitely going to sell well.  It may very well outsell the very popular Prius this year due to economics.  With Toyota looking to go after fleet markets and eco-friendly drivers, the Corolla hybrid could take this segment by storm.  Coming in at nearly 15% lower in price, the new Corolla hybrid is definitely priced well to invade and potentially cannibalize.

Is the competition getting stiff?

With no other reliable compact Japanese made sedans set to release a hybrid version this year, Toyota will have little competition in this area.  Though the 2020 Nissan Sentra and Honda Civic are looking to garner consumer interest with more options and lower prices.  For instance, the Sentra will have reverse automated braking and the Civic will release the widely popular Type R version to tantalize teenagers everywhere.  Each Japanese automaker has definitely put it into sixth gear to hang on to their customer base and attract new buyers.  In the era of the pandemic it may be seen that gasoline combustion engines stay around for much longer than previously anticipated.

Is there anything not to like about the 2020 Corolla Hybrid?

53 mpg, the lowest MSRP we’ve seen for a hybrid and plenty of tech…what could be at all wrong with this picture?  One area of concern is that this is the first model year of the new offering and it could be that there are issues that need to be worked out which take a year or two, all of these issues will be covered by warranty.  It would be prudent that new owners watch their investment closely and note any possible issues to their dealership of purchase.  To stay privy with latest updates we recommend following these forums:

In both the above forums, one can learn of potential problems other owners are facing, solutions and action taken from dealer service and repair departments.  If you are looking to buy new or used, it’s a best practice to scour these forums (or forums relative to the type of vehicle you are wanting to buy!) and familiarize yourself with mechanical and esthetic deficiencies along with recommended preventative maintenance and the suggested intervals to complete these service items. 

Why all the hybrid badging?

Toyota has placed their hybrid emblems all over the vehicle which is great for eco-conscious driving and recognition but the emblem does seem a little large for this compact sedan.  Some owners may want to remove the emblem as it does take up a lot of space and almost looks out of place, we wish that they would have sized this emblem appropriately or re-designed instead of using a standard emblem found on all Toyota hybrids.


If you are looking to removed your debadge your hybrid Corolla or any vehicle, it can be easily done using dental floss and a heat source like a hair dryer to warm the adhesive.  Once the adhesive is warm, using the dental floss to gently remove the badge can accomplish this without damaging the finish or the badging itself (should you wish to re-apply at a later date).  Here is a video link of how to complete the process:

toyota corolla hybrid rear
Toyota corolla hybrid front

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