Using a calling app and burner email can save you a lot of hassle

Unhaggle explained

A Rundown of the dealer invoice pricing services:


NR BBB rating (Not accredited BBB Business)

No Google business listing

No Yelp listing

No Trustpilot reviews


Car Cost Canada

NR BBB rating (Not accredited BBB Business)

Google 36 reviews – 4.7 star rating/5

No Yelp listing

Trustpilot 775 reviews – 3.9 star rating/5


Car Help Canada

A+ BBB rating (Not accredited BBB Business)

No Google business listing

Yelp 2 reviews – 3.5 star rating/5

No Trustpilot listing

With the above information, it’s difficult to have much confidence in these websites yet they are still recommended on internet forums and Reddit. Give the site you choose to contact limited personal information, Unhaggle & Car Cost Canada require a phone number (which is verified by text or automated call so use a free calling app to get a free number) and preferably a burner email. 


Our analysis has found that any of the above means of acquiring dealer invoice pricing are often followed by a barrage of calls from salespeople to move the sale forward.  A lot of people who sign up for these services are irritated to learn that they are funded mostly by automobile dealers and in some cases become just as annoying after making contact with a salesperson at a dealership.  This is why it is stressed to not use your main contact details when requesting dealer invoice pricing, it will save you a lot of unwanted phone calls and emails.


Long ago the CBC published an article on websites the provide dealer pricing and listed these tips:


  • Compare buying a new vehicle with a used vehicle, looking at warranty and cost.
  • Compare financing options, considering leasing as well as buying. Know how the monthly financing option works out in overall price over a period of years.
  • Try to determine how much the vehicle will cost to run and to insure.
  • Watch for extras thrown into the contract, such as rust-proofing, which can be lucrative for dealers.
  • Never take anyone’s word that a car is in good shape – always take it to an independent mechanic for an inspection.  We recommend asking these questions for used car buying.

Investigative journalists are now overdue for another round of scrutiny of websites that provide dealer pricing.   It doesn’t seem like new websites are being unveiled but the original ones such as Unhaggle, Car Cost Canada, Car Help Canada and Automobile Protection Association are all operating on the same principles of connecting aggressive sales people with buyers who don’t want this attention.

We have learned that a dealership’s fleet sales department will usually offer invoice pricing without the need for further negotiations so it may be best to ask to be connected with the fleet sales department or not this in the subject line of your contact email.  Email is now growing as a common way to form multiple lines of contact with different dealerships and to not be overwhelmed by phone calls.   Taking what you have learned from the dealer invoice pricing and attaching it to several emails to different dealerships could prevent the need to step foot in a dealership until all negotiations are done.  This is a preferential way to secure the best pricing for those who do not have much experience with in person negotiations, it also leaves opportunities to walk away from the deal without any social penalty. 

While we still support websites that provider vehicle invoice pricing, it is always up to the buyer to be aware of the pitfalls.  In closing, do not give your main contact information to websites that provide vehicle invoice pricing, when making contact use the dealership’s fleet sales department and when possible email the dealership with the invoice pricing to get the negotiation going and to nail down the final price. 

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