With a 7 day zero risk return guarantee and detailed listings Clutch.ca has caught our attention


What is Clutch?

Clutch was founded in 2016 and claims to be the first truly online car buying experience.  With a routinely updated inventory of used vehicles (even some new/demo models) and contactless delivery, they are sure to take away market share from other used car dealerships in light of the pandemic.

The cars they have listed on their site are mostly used featuring luxury vehicles to all-terrain vehicles and everything in between.  Each vehicle has a highly detailed listing complete with a Carfax report and Clutch certification report outlining the inspection.   It is rare to see this information so freely passed along from any dealer in an online listing, anyways.  For this we give Clutch an A+ on their listings. 

What’s the catch with Clutch?

After reviewing some of the Carfax reports associated with Clutch.ca listings we can see that many of their vehicles were previously registered for commercial use.  This can be problematic for both resale value and potential problems due to vehicle abuse by rental car company customers.   Somehow there is this mentality that a rental car can be driven hard, I can recall one experience with a near new Dodge Charger rental.  It looked pristine but once I drove it, I could see that the suspension was destroyed by someone who obviously took it over speed bumps or potholes at high speed for a laugh. 


The Clutch certification report is a detailed inspection report which will include common wear and tear items like curb rash on the wheels and scratches, dents and dings in the paint.  They segment the areas of damage so that one could go to the listing photos and get a closer look before making the decision to test drive the vehicle. 


At first glance the pricing of all their vehicles does seem reasonable and when looking at their recently sold vehicles, many of them are registered for personal use only.  This would mean that actively scouring their site when searching for a vehicle could prove quite valuable as inventory is updated routinely. 


Their seven-day return guarantee does not compete with many other used car dealerships thirty-day return guarantee but in the end if a purchase turns out to be a bad deal, there are oversight bodies in each province (MVSA in BC & OMVIC in ON) that govern used car sales.  The consumer has a lot of protection in place and recourse to file a claim should a mechanical issue emerge shortly after the sale.  There are further limitations like a mileage allowance for the seven-day guarantee so we recommend reading their faq.

More Pros and Cons…

Further highlights of Clutch are purchasing a vehicle from a different geographic region then having the vehicle shipped to you (Clutch will provide a quote for this).  There is also ninety days no payments for financing customers (though if you wanted to pay cash in the end, this is possible also, contact their support).  Some of the drawbacks of Clutch are non-refundable deposits and non-negotiable pricing, their pricing is fixed and quite competitive though we feel after a third-party inspection, this claim of non-negotiable pricing may go out the window.  We recommend asking these questions when buying any used vehicle.

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