Gas Crisis Uk

Britain’s BREXIT fueled gasoline disaster has piqued the interest of electric vehicle buyers across the United Kingdom, based mostly on search engine interest and breakout trending searches across various platforms.  

Our group of editors at Auto Blog Online anticipate that the internet will be on fire for many months to come. With massive increases in search activity, related to inquiries for EVs! Google Trends, a trusted source for internet search activity showed explosive growth for the search terms “Tesla Model 3” and growing interest in other EV models. 

What is Driving the Gas Crisis in London?

There are a number of factors at play and diverting to the pandemic as a sole source of pressure is flawed but can be considered a contributing factor.  When BREXIT effectively began, many transport drivers left the UK and returned to Europe.   Pandemic restrictions prevented training new drivers and routes that were previously staffed went dry.  

It’s widely expected that the UK’s petroleum doldrums will continue and the military has been mobilized to prepare. While the servicemen and women of the army have resources to assist, completely filling the gaps left behind will take time.  We thank any soldiers involved for their service and ask that readers don’t panic buy fuel (or anything for that matter) as it compounds the shortage. 

Petrol shortage UK

What EV's are Popular and Available in the UK?

With electric vehicle selection finally beginning to vary and prices stabilize, there are more options for consumers.  Unfortunately pandemic chip shortages and rare earth metal availability may slow delivery dates for vehicles being manufactured, across the board.  The Tesla Model 3 is leading internet search interest, closely followed by the Audi e-tron which is based on the Audi Q4 platform.  The Jaguar I-Pace is also generating some activity with the Mustang Mach e not far behind it.  Even the Hyundai Ioniq 5 has drummed up some searches, even though reliability issues could be problematic for any owners.  In any event electric vehicle sales are set to grow exponentially in the coming months.  If you are keen to buy and have not set down a deposit you may be waiting well in to 2022.  Or beyond!

How can the United Kingdom end the Gas Crisis?

With such a heavy reliance on fuel transport and lack of licensed drivers, the logical way out is robotics, artificial intelligence and automation.  Imagine a petrol station that has a totally automatic system in place to fill reserves and do it all during the night when activity and safety risks are both minimal.  

With self-driving semis (lowries) coming online all over the world, the advantages are mind boggling.  Integration with robotic systems and petrol stations setup to facilitate fuel transfer would not only be safer, it would come with lower long-term operational costs.  Perhaps the humor in all this would be that the self-driving semi would most likely be electric motor driven and battery powered.  It will take time to fully transition to EV and this would be the ideal interim solution to any global fuel shortage. 

What else can Make a Difference?

The climate crisis reached catastrophic levels, long ago.  The past summer has only magnified how troubling the outlook is.  With extreme weather events, heatwaves and political disagreement on the best way forward, it’s important to make a difference today.  The gasoline shortage is an opportunity to rely on a bicycle and public transit for transportation.  It’s not only much more economical but is also time saving as both means of travel get priority in major cities.  Take the time to contemplate this and you may never go back to a combustion engine vehicle again.