Rivian R2 Review

Rivian R2 Rendering

The Rivian R2 has just been announced as the second electric car made by Chinese automaker Renowned. This article will cover questions like: How powerful is it? How much will it cost, and is it prone to battery fires. Additionally, this article will cover when deliveries will start. Continue reading for answers to these questions and more! So what is the Rivian R2? We’ll answer them all in this review.

How powerful is the Rivian R2?

While details on the R2 remain unclear, it’s widely expected to have similar performance to the R1.  To give readers an idea, the Rivian R1S SUV is the most powerful SUV. With 750 horsepower, it can sprint from 0-60 mph in just three seconds. It can tow up to 7,700 pounds and has a ground clearance of over three feet. It can also wade in water three feet deep. Rivian bills its vehicles as adventure-ready and rugged. The R1S has a 750 horsepower engine and an all-wheel-drive system. The SUV can reach a top speed of 76 miles per charge.

The R1 series is the company’s highest-end model. The R2 is expected to be available at mid-range performance also in a base model. Rivian also announced plans to build another factory in Georgia. The company has a massive $17 billion war chest. If successful, Rivian plans to produce a mid-range “R2” model in Georgia. However, it is not clear whether it will produce the R1 model in Georgia or China.

What will the Rivian R2 cost?

The price of the Rivian R2 SUV is still up in the air, but Rivian has a plan to make up for the high start by bringing down the price. The company has trademarked the names R2T, R2S, R2A, and R2C. Those are the names for the sedan, crossover, and SUV versions of the Rivian. Rivian will likely build these vehicles in a new Georgia factory, which will also be able to produce other vehicles.


The R1T will go for over $70,000, so the SUV will come at a higher price. The base model of the R1T truck will cost about $67,500. Rivian will also launch a smaller model which is styled to be a truck, called the R1T, which will start at $67,500. But the average price for an R2 is expected to be more than $93,000. In contrast, a rival manufacturer would have to produce a pickup truck for half the price of the R2 SUV

Is the Rivian R2 Prone to Battery Fires?

A fire broke out in the battery assembly area of a Rivian R1T electric pickup truck last month. The fire is attributed to thermal runaway, which occurs when a cell in a battery overheats and releases its heat to surrounding cells. The fire did not damage the vehicle itself, but rather the carrier and test booth equipment. No one was injured. The company has begun building replacement batteries for this model.


Rivian is a small company, with a big footprint, and its R2 model is no exception. The company has been working on mass-market vehicles for 12 years, and recently announced plans to launch a mid-sized SUV model in 2025. Rivian reported having $17 billion in cash at the end of its first quarter. Ultimately, it plans to launch a new model that will be a more affordable mid-sized SUV with a global appeal to compete with Tesla and other EVs that have a strong foothold in the EV marketplace.

When will deliveries start for the Rivian R2?

While the company says deliveries will begin in March 2022, it has not provided a firm date for these vehicles. Rivian has previously mentioned that the first two R1Ss will be delivered in December 2021. While no official date was given, Rivian did confirm that they would be shipping two R1Ss to employees in that timeframe. It has not provided any additional details regarding the start date of deliveries of the R2, however.

With the high demand for Rivian’s EVs, the company is focusing on producing more vehicles for the market. The company is currently facing a chip shortage that threatens to delay production plans for several EV manufacturers. Despite this, few analysts have predicted the end of the chip shortage anytime soon. The company’s future plans are reliant on the chip supply. The company is releasing an EV based on this technology, but it is not a cheap alternative to gasoline-powered vehicles.

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