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In this 2022 JAC EJ7 Review, we will take a look at the company behind the new electric vehicle. Who is JAC? Is the 2022 EJ7 better than a Tesla? And, most importantly, when will the JAC EJ7 be available in the USA? Let’s get started. First, let’s talk about where the JAC EJ7 is made. What’s its manufacturing location? And, is it a good alternative to a traditional combustion engine vehicle?

Who is the automaker JAC?

In China, the state-owned JAC Motor has remained relatively independent throughout its history. While other automakers have been impacted by cross-company relationships, JAC has largely remained independent. Its history dates back to 1964 when it began as the Chaohu Auto Parts Factory, a small manufacturer that specialized in small motor parts. In the 1980s, it made mousetraps and ice skates.

Last year, the company launched the S3 compact SUV in Chile, where it quickly became the best-selling SUV. It averaged over 100 units sold per month. In addition, the automaker plans to expand the S2 into South America. In fact, it received an admission certificate from the Chilean government in April. Regardless of where it sells its vehicles, the company is planning to replicate the success of its flagship model, the JAC S3. The JAC S3 EV achieved more than 300,000 global sales a year after its launch. The car’s success spurred DR Automobiles to create a new, third-generation model, which is sold in Europe.

In recent years, JAC has focused on developing electric vehicles. It has won awards from the Ministry of Commerce and the General Administration of Quality Supervision. In 2016, JAC also won the award for Most Competitive Brand in the Market, the first time a Chinese automaker had received this honor. The company has also made a joint venture with the Mexican manufacturer Giant Motors. In 2021, JAC sold IEV7s electric compact crossovers in European markets.

JAC EJ7 Center Console
JAC EJ7 Window : Lock Controls

Where is the original JAC EJ7 made?

Despite being the company’s first model to come out of China, it is far from a typical Chinese car. This high-performance mid-size sedan features a sporty stance and an impressive engine. The first generation of the JAC EJ7, the 2022, is based on the original model introduced in 2008. This model came in only one trim level, 1.5L Turbo. The sedan is powered by a 1.5L engine and features a unique design and well-equipped interior.  The technological improvements are vast when comparing the 2008 to 2022 JAC EJ7


Is the 2022 JAC EJ7 better than a Tesla?

The EJ7 is a liftback vehicle with similar dimensions to the Volkswagen Passat. It has a roomy second row, ample trunk space, and a tablet-sized display in the middle of the dash. It has a 243-hp electric motor and a 55-kW/h lithium-ion battery, which offers up to 400 kilometers of range on a full charge in normal mode.

Although it is a Chinese auto manufacturer, this would be no reason to overlook when comparing EVs. Its hefty size gives it a sporty look that would be more appropriate for the streets. Its design was done by Italian designer Daniel Gallione, who has also designed vehicles for Maserati and Alfa Romeo.

The 2022 JAC EJ7 is an zero emission vehicle, and comparatively cheaper than other high-end luxury or performance cars. However, its electric motor might not be as powerful as a premium German car. Although this car is smaller than many electric cars, it is likely to cost more to operate. If you’re thinking about buying an electric car, you’ll want to make sure that it is worth the money. The JAC EJ7 is not as luxurious as other premium cars.

With a practical interior that duplicates the comfort and technology of a Tesla and nimble performance, the JAC EJ7 is worth a close examination.  We were surprised by the tight handling and also the sturdy suspension that is evidently built for rough roads.  Despite its relatively high price, the JAC EJ7 is a worthy competitor to the Tesla Model 3 for people who want an affordable electric vehicle.  While it lacks luxury features and is less powerful, the JAC is more affordable than its competitors.  Its price is considerably lower than the other premium vehicles.

When will the 2022 JAC E-J7 be available in the USA?

It is unclear exactly when the JAC E-J7 will be available in the USA. It is being produced at a factory in Ciudad Sahagun, Mexico and given the proximity to the USA, imports are easily achievable. However, the company has not revealed details about the upcoming release in the United States.  JAC may be prevented from selling their vehicles in the United States due to sanctions that are still in place from the trade wars during the Trump presidency. 

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